The Wisdom Sphere Index is Here!

Ramon G Corrales, Ph.D., has just formally launched the much-awaited Wisdom Sphere Index. He has devoted the last 30 years of his professional life toward understanding wisdom and, more importantly, to assisting others in developing wisdom in their personal, relational, and leadership lives. It is now available to anyone who wishes to cultivate wisdom in their lives.

What is wisdom? Discover it through the Wisdom Sphere Index.

What is the Wisdom Sphere Index (WSI)?

Take this unique index to experience the Dimensions of Wisdom — the main strands that take us to the Wisdom Altitude of Life and Leadership. You’ll be asked questions people rarely ask themselves or even more rarely talk about. These questions prompt you to go beyond the emotional and rational altitudes of life into the wisdom sphere of influence.

These questions are designed to wake up the wisdom mind in you and to become aware of itself. The wisdom mind has always been there as a potential within all of us. And when you sense it in someone else, you feel a yearning, a hunger for it. The reason for this hunger? Our innate need for wholeness — the yearning for all parts of us to be congruent. When all of our inner parts are “running together” toward a common vision, we feel at peace. That is the sign of wisdom. When we’re not at ease, we feel the Wisdom Hunger.

The WSI is not an assessment in the tradition of most indexes. Your answers are not interpreted but reflected upon. The reflections are meant to stir up the innate capacity and desire for attaining wisdom. The WSI is therefore a process for developing wisdom through self-reflection and through conversations with your mentors, coaches, managers, or trusted ones.

These questions are thoroughly grounded in research, theory, and practice. Ramon G Corrales, Ph.D., the developer of the WSI, has vetted these practices in the last 30 years of testing, coaching, and training.

Main Applications of the Wisdom Sphere Index

Developing Your Wisdom Mind as a Person and as a Leader/Manager/Coach

Assisting Others to Develop Their Wisdom Mind at Home or at Work

Developing Wisdom Relationships in Your Personal and Organizational Settings

Developing the Wisdom Organization

Ready to Unlock the Power of Wisdom?

What is Unique About the Wisdom Sphere Index?

We have always known that knowledge, motivation, and instincts are 3 key components of high performance and success in life and leadership. But there is a mystery that leaders and coaches sense but do not understand.

Here’s what they sense: You could have people eminently suited for a job (right seat) in terms of knowhow, motivation, and the natural instincts, yet they’re unable to sustain productivity through time and teamwork. They either get discouraged, lose their sense of purpose, or trigger so much interpersonal conflict to make you question their value to the company. It’s the awkward realization of having people who do the tasks well but become a drag to the culture.

What is the key to this puzzle? MATURITY.

Know-how, personality, and instincts can coexist within an immature person. They can also exist within a wise, mature person. That is the goal of the Wisdom Sphere Index.

It doesn’t take much to ruffle the reactive feathers of immaturity. Reactivity triggers power struggles, which soon consume the person’s energy, taking it away from the pursuit of the goals in favor of winning those power struggles.

There are three major stages of maturity: Emotional, Rational, and Wisdom. Your expertise, personality traits, and instincts can be used at the emotional, rational, or wisdom levels of maturity. The quality of your work is significantly enhanced the higher your maturity. It goes from mediocre, to good, to great. That is the difference.

Wisdom is the key to understanding this mystery. Welcome to the Wisdom Sphere Index.

Wisdom Sphere Certification

In 2023, we will roll out our certification training programs for becoming certified in the use of the Wisdom Sphere Index. These programs are designed to train the following:

Executives, Managers, and Supervisors
HR Professionals
Coaches and Consultants

In addition to the high level of expertise you will achieve in understanding and applying the Wisdom Sphere insights, you will:

Be entitled to your own account in Wisdom Hunger, LLC
Be able to present yourself as a Certified Wisdom Sphere Consultant
Have access to our library of videos, articles, and webinars for advanced training in the Wisdom Sphere
Benefit from more discounts when you buy indexes in bulk

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